• INNER TANK :- The inner tank of DANA SUPERHOT DLX is is 2-piece circular welded & is made up of made of extra heavy gauge hot dipped GI sheet with thicker zinc coating for long lasting life.
  • INSULATION:- The thick CFC-free Polyurethane foam insulation helps in excellent heat retention and economical electrical consumption.
  • HEATING ELEMENT :- Superior Quality Italian element(screw-type) which is ergonomicaly designed for efficient heating and cutting down electricity costs.
  • THERMOSTAT:- Plug-in type auto-cutoff thermostat which ensures optimal temperature maintainance.
  • MAGNESIUM ANODE:- Specially designed thick Magnesium alloy anode ensures maximum protection from corrosion.
  • OUTER BODY :- The Outer Body of DANA SUPERHOT DLX is made up of high quality steel with high gloss epoxy polyester electrostatic powder coating to provide effective protection against corrosion in varied climatic conditions.
  • SPLASH-GUARD TECHNOLOGY :- Directs incoming cold water to the bottom of the boiler,thereby eiminating the mixture of hot and cold water.This mechanism ensures continous supply of hot water at all times.
  • SAFETY VALVE :- Twin function non-return cum safety valve which maintains pressure inside boilder,hence prevents expansion of inner boiler tank,in event of thermostat failure.The non-return function helps to retain water inside the tank inorder to prevent damage to the heating element.


Capacity 12 Glns/16 Glns/20 Glns
Mounting Vertical/Horizontal
Outer Body Superior Quality Steel with Electrostatic Powder Coating
Inner Boiler 2 Piece GI Tank with Circular Welding
Insulation High Density Polyurethane foam
Element Long-Lasting specially designed Italian element
Power Specifications Rated Voltage 220-240V/50 Hz-1200Watts
Thermostat Adjustable 30°C-90°C Rating-15Amp/73°C
Magnesium Anode Included
Color Brilliant White(Other colors available on request)
Testing Pressure 12 Bar
Max. Working pressure 8 Bar
Safety Valve Included
Operation(Pilot)Lamp Present
External Thermometer Present
Earthing Connection Present
Warranty Against leakage 3yrs

  • Warranty-Each water heater is warranted against manufacturing defects & tank leakages.For detailed warranty terms & conditions refer to our “Warranty Certificate”.
  • Other storage capacities can be manufactured on client request.
  • Keeping in pace with rapid technological developments the technical specifications are liable to change without prior notice.
  • All water heaters are supplied with User/Installation instructions and warranty card.
  • All Heating element & thermostat comply with International Standards.





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