DANA LUBRICANTS FACTORY LLC at ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils& Lubricants Conference

DANA Lubricants Factory Oil, Manufacturer of Automotive & Industrial Lubricant Engine Oils in UAE participated at 12th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oil & Lubricants Conference held on 12th -14th October atInter continental Dubai Festival City .Meenu Yadav , Product Manager at DANA Lubricants Factory LLC was present at the event and shared her views on topics of base oil and Lubricants:-

  • Role of Middle Eastern and GCC Countries in Supply of Base Oils of Heavy Neutrals and BS150
  • Price trends in base oils SN 150, SN 500 , SN 600 , BS150
  • Shift from Group 1 Base Oil towards Group 2 base oil for manufacturing of better Engine oils .Mainly N70, N150 ,N350 AND N500 Group 2
  • Meeting API and OEM Requirements in economical way
  • Selection of Additive Package for right blend
  • Lighter Neutral oils versus Heavy Solvent oils

More than 350 delegates attended the conference from Countries namely India ,Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia , Jordan , Lebanon , USA, Germany,Japan, China,Europe.

DANA Lubricants added value to the members by sharing their sourcing capability for Base Oils SN 150/SN 500 / SN 600 /SN 900 /N150 /N70/N350/N500Group 2 / BS150 , Additive Package for Gasoline Engine Oil Additive Package /DI Package For all Mono grades SAE 30/40/50/60 from API SC , SD, SF, SG, SL , SM , SN and  all Multi grades SAE 0W20/ 5W30 /10W30 , SAE 15W40/ 20W50 from API SD/SF/SJ/SL/SM/SN,DIESEL ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE PACKAGE / HEAVY DUTY DIESEL ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE PACKAGEFor all Mono grades SAE 30/40/50/60 from API CC,CD,CF,CH,CH-4,CI-4, CI-4+,CJ-4,CJ-4+,For all Multi grades SAE 0W20/ 5W30 /10W30 from API CF,CH,CH-4,CI-4, CI-4+,CJ-4,CJ-4,ANTI WEAR HYDRAULIC OIL ADDITIVE PACKAGE ISO VG Grades 32,46,68,100,150, Transmission Oil Additive Package ATF DEX 1/2/3,INDUSTRIAL GEAR OIL ADDITIVE PACKAGE,TRACTOR TRANSMISSION PACKAGE.

Highlights of the Event

  • Price trend for  crude oil and impact on base oils  as all the economies in the Middle East are based on crude oil , Synergy between Base Oil and Crude Oil
  • Role of Innovation and Higher Technology in ensuring future success
  • New OEM Requirements for Better fuel efficiency and Environment regulations
  • Group 3 and GTL Gas to Liquid Marketplace
  • Lubricants Quality Assurance
  • Opportunities and Challenges in African Markets