QHSE Vision and Mission Statements

To be recognized as the leader in QHSE performance in our industry

  • To develop a corporate culture in which QHSE is equally important to all business activities and to ensure that all our activities are carried out in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  • To continually improve our QHSE performance.

The strength of a company’s commitment to health, safety and the environment is determined by the conviction of its management and the execution of its QHSE system by all of its employees. We are determined to be the leader in QHSE performance in the industry.

Qulaity Policy

We Shall Focus On Customer’ s Satisfaction In a Way That Our Product Be Technically Complete,
Professionally Done, Delivered On Schedule And Served So As To Enhance Their Satisfaction.

Major elements of our policy are:

Element One: Commitment, Leadership, and Accountability
Element Two: Policies and Objectives
Element Three: Organization and Responsibilities
Element Four: Design and Planning
Element Five: Risk Assessment and Management
Element Six: Safe Systems of Work
Element Seven: Documentation and Performance Reviews
Element Eight: Monitoring and Continual Improvement