Fruit Ripening Chambers -Banana Ripening Rooms at temperature of +14 to +18 C

Banana Ripening chambers and other fruit ripening rooms are designed , supplied , exported and installed in Middle east and Africa namely UAE , Qatar , Oman, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia , African countries namely  Ethiopia , Uganda ,Eucador ,Tanzania ,Tanzania ,Gao , Eritrea ,Mauritania , Tanzania , Nigeria , Algeria , Jordan , Lebanon. We supply not only refrigeration and cooling units needed but also supply to specialized equipments needed for Banana Ripening namely Ethylene Generator , Ripening Control System , Air analysis kit for continuous monitoring levels of CO2 , Humidity and Ethylene level.High Quality European equipments are only used which ensure uniform air distribution , maintenance of humidity and prevent over ripening of bananas or other fruits .

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Technical Specifications of Banana Ripening Chambers ( Ripening of tomatoes , avocado , banana, Apple, Potato ):-

Ethylene Ripening process is used

Ethylene Generator with variable output rate , can be wall mounted ,ethylene concentrate also available

Cooling units of high quality and brand like Bitzer , Copeland , Danfoss are used to control temperature of banana rooms where otherwise high heat is generated  during ripening

Heating equipment is also used to maintain temperature of plus 14 C in cold weather

Uniform Air circulation is also maintained in the fruit ripening room by ensuring that air is able to flow unobstructed through product load , air flow paths and back to refrigeration system

Humidity is controlled in the room at 85 to 95 % by installing a humidifier.Ethylene Generator is set to produce ethylene at a desired level at begining of ripening process . Generally , 100 to 150 PPM is recommended .If room size is less than 1500 cubic foot , then no ethylene generator shall be used .

CO2 Level is the room also needs to be monitored and controlled. High amount of co2 is released when bananas are ripening . If level of co2 is above 1%( 10,000 PPM ) in air , it will retard ripening process of the fruit . So , it is recommended to vent rooms for 20 minutes every 12 hours after first 24 hours of ripening .

Pressurized Ripening room : Air is circulated through product in the room , through each pallet before it is returned to evaporator unit .

Computerised Ripening Control System : System monitor levels of humidity , CO2 , ethylene , temperature and controls the input of ethylene and humidity in the room .Room can either be set at a fixed room temperature or room parameters can be controlled by inputting fixed input levels of co2 , ethylene level

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