Strength & Durability
Steel frame homes are high-quality homes. By virtue of its material characteristics and properties, cold formed steel studs offer significant advantages to both home owners, builders and consumers. Steel studs and joists are strong, lightweight, and made from uniform-quality material. Steel walls are straight, with square corners, and all but eliminate pops in drywall. This virtually does away with the need for costly callbacks and adjustments.

Fire Safety And Termite Protection
Consumers enjoy steel framing for fire safety and termite protection.Steel framing doesn’t contribute combustible material to feed a fire.In Hawaii in 1998, over one-third of all new homes were built with steel to protect against the voracious Formosan termite. These termites, as well as some other harmful parasites, can destroy a house in one year.

Better withstand wind ,hurricanes and earthquakes
Steel frame homes can be designed to withstand wind and seismic loads caused by hurricanes and earthquakes. The strength and ductility of steel allows it to meet the strongest wind and seismic rating in the national building codes. And steel joists and steel trusses can achieve greater spans, opening up large spaces inside a home.

Lower Insurance premium Benefits
Healthier Living – non-toxic, allergy free, no waste, and recyclable.Highly Durable Material – no jammed doors and windows, no wavy walls or sagging roof lines.Fire Safety – does not burn.Lower Insurance Premiums – fire retardant, withstands high winds, more durable in

Benefits During the Construction Process
There are also benefits when it comes to the assembly and construction process. In many cases labor time is shortened. Although the heavier gauge studs and track that are used for exterior walls are cut with a sliding or compound miter saw, light gauge studs used for interior partitions are simply cut with aviation snips, saving time with each cut.
Drywall screws are used when hanging drywall rather than drywall nails, which results in easier taping and floating (drywall finishing), and eliminates nail pops and the repairs that result. Simply put, metal framing offers more advantages than conventional stick framing.

Galvanized Steel is Environment Friendly
Much steel is recycled material, so it can be reused rather than taking up space in a landfill. Additionally, it reduces the need to cut down trees and all the logging expenses that go along with it.
There is also less scrap and waste generated at the construction site. Framing members are produced in standard lengths and when longer pieces are needed, they can simply be spliced together.

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