Innovative Ideas Invited
Our HR department is continously on the look out for new & emerging talents,patents and biz ideas.

We are looking for the right kind of talents,ideas and patents to put them in reality in this universe on agreed price, parternships and/or profit sharing.ALL People with ideas of indigenous,new and upcoming business modules,are most welcome to join hands with us,and send there proposals to us.While being professional in our approach, we practice an open door policy and encourage employees to freely express their views.

We volunteer to finance some innovative reaseach projects with our means.Preferably rural low cost projects to make rural masses comfortable with far reaching impact.. The Management is always open to suggestions and is easily accessible to employees across levels.The Management is always accepts / respects, suggestions and accessible to all enterprising talents.” GURUS.”

What we can provide you?
Land to start a viable project in UAE(Emirates Modern Industrial Area ,UAQ) or INDIA(Industrial area near New delhi)
Project Finance & working capital for new & upcoming business modules.
A very strong brand & marketing edge.
A strong team of dedicated skilled & unskilled work force.
A Mutually beneficial Working Partnership/Investing Partnership.
Finance new innovative research if convinced, “NO ACCOUNTABILITY ON THE PART OF RESEARCHER.”

What you have to provide us?
A blue-print to a strong,upcoming & innovative business proposal.
The ability & zest to execute the project with professionalism.

Please Email your business proposals to

We at DANA ensure that strict confidentiality will be maintained.