DANA STEEL PROCESSING INDUSTRY LLC(A Division of DANA GROUP[]) is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of high quality pre-engineered steel buildings(PEB) based in UAE.It has 2 manufacturing facilities in AJMAN & UAQ respectively. Spread over 30,000 sq mtrs and having fully automatic machinery and highly qualified design,engineering,fabrication & erection staff DANA steel is geared up to handle all kinds of projects ( from small hangars to complex industrial estates).We are your one stop source for all the durable, affordable and completely versatile steel structures that will definitely put you at an advantageous position in the market as you can get your project up and running within the shortest possible time.We have exported our steel buildings to SaudiArabia(Dammam,Jeddah,Riyadh,Dahran,Jubail,Yanbu), Kuwait,Bahrain(Manama),Oman(Muscat,Sohar,Seeb), Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius,  Africa, Morocco, Algeria,  Jordan, Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Bangladesh,Myanmar,Cambodia, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Tanzania Rep and Uganda. Besides the above,we also have a strong marker presence in the West African Region:: Sierra Leone/Gambia/Senegal/Ghana/Mauritania/Chad/Liberia/Sao Tome/Congo and the South African Region :: South Africa/Mozambique/Malawi/Zimbabwe/Zambia/Angola/Dr Congo.

DANA Steel’s standard  PEB steel structure of a building consists of primary rigid frames, end wall bearing frames, secondary structural members (Purlins & Girts) wall & roof sheeting and bracing components. It also consists of additional structural framing such as mezzanines, roof monitors, roof extensions, canopies, fascias, parapets, partitions and roof and wall framed openings, in addition to anchor bolts, connections, and fasteners.

Building length: For by-pass endwalls the distance between the outside of wall girts in opposite endwalls, for flush endwalls, the distance between the outside flanges of endwall columns in opposite endwalls. Building length is a combination of several bay lengths.

Building width: This is the distance between outside of girt/block wall one side wall to outside of girt girt/block wall of the outside wall.

End bay length: This is the distance from outside of the girt/block wall to the center line of the first interior frames columns.

Interior Bay length: This is the distance between the center lines of columns of the two adjacent main frames. The most common bay lengths used in warehouses are 6m, 7m, 8m, 10m upto 12m.

Building Height: It is the distance from the bottom of the main frame column base plate to the top outer point of the eave purlin.When columns are recessed or elevated from finished floor, eave height is the distance from finished floor level to top of eave purlin.

Roof Slope :This is the angle of the roof with respect to the horizontal. In metal building industry, the roof slope is generally represented as 0.5 or 1.0 in 10. The most common roof slopes are 0.5 in 10 and 1 in 10. Any practical roof slope is possible.

Design Loads:Unless otherwise specified DANA Steel’s PEB buildings are designed for the following minimum loads:

Roof Live Load: 0.57 kN/m2
Design Wind Speed: 140 km/h

Design for snow loads, earth quake loads, collateral loads, crane loads or any other loading condition, if required must be specified at the time of request for quotation.

Loads are applied in accordance with the latest American codes and standards applicable to PEB buildings unless otherwise requested at the time of request for quotation.

DANA Primary rigid frames

The most common primary framing systems are shown below, All the shown frames are symmetrical about the ridge line and multi span /multi-gable framing. Framing with unequal modules are possible but may require more engineering time and possibly long delivery. The frames shown below are with bypass side wall girts, Flush side wall girts are most expensive and less practical options.


DANA Jack beams

DANA Jack beams are used to make economical and safe approach for creating longer bay lengths when large unobstructed space is required. Common bay lengths (5, 6,7,8,9,10,12 m) can be doubled with the use of Jack Beams making it possible to have 12,15,16,18 and 20 m clear bay lengths in area where unobstructed space is required. If the customer specifies to have 16 m bay lengths instead of the more economical 8 m bay length, Jack Beams will be used in the interior of the building to make that possible. Jack Beams may also be used on the exterior sidewalls in the same way.

pe2.jpg  pe3.jpg

pe4.jpg   pe5.jpg

Mezzanine Systems

A mezzanine system is used to provide a separate floor in the building. A mezzanine consists of independent support columns, main beams, joists and deck panels.

• Independent mezzanine columns may be square tube or built-up sections as required by the design. Mezzanine beams or joist can be connected directly to main frame columns.
• Mezzanine beams are built up I sections that are normally spanning in the direction of rigid.

pe6.jpg  pe7.jpg


• Mezzanine joists are built up or hot rolled I section that are normally spaced at 1.5 m, for a 10 mm thick concrete slab. Joist connects into mezzanine beams with flush type connection. The clear height below the mezzanine is normally 3m above the finished floor level.

• Mezzanine concrete slab should be designed to support the dead load and Live load and collateral load.

• Mezzanine deck fasteners are 5.5 mm diameters, self drilling screws with hexagonal thread nuts they are spaced at 333 mm on centers without scaling.

Crane Systems

When crane system is required, DANA STEEL  supplies column/rafter brackets, crane runway beams & lateral tie that support crane system. We request the customer to provide complete crane information from the crane manufacturer in order to design and estimate crane buildings.
The most common types of the crane systems in pre-engineered steel building are:

• Top running crane

• Under hung crane & Jib crane

Monorail crane

• Gantry crane

• Semi-gantry crane


DANA STEEL uses the below standards for  designing the pre engineered structures, cold form sections, low rise buildings and welding :–>

• Manual of Steel Construction
Allowable Stress Design
(AISC American Institute of Steel Construction 13th edition 2005)

• Low rise buildings manual
(MBMA Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association 2006 Edition)

• Cold Formed Steel Design Manual
(AISI American Iron and Steel Institute 2006 Edition)

• Structural Welding Code
(American Welding Society 2006 Edition)

• International Building Code (IBC)
Latest Edition: IBC 2006



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2.1 Design of Building on PEB basis.

2.2 Procurement of Raw material.

2.3 Assembly drawings, Erection drawings, Part drawings,

2.4 Set of Design Calculation Sheets.

2.5 Fabricated steel Structure frames.

2.6 Q.C, material and inspection reports as per approved ITP.

• Material Traceability reports

• Fasteners Test reports

• Material & Fasteners MTC

• Inspection Reports:

• Visual & Dimensional Measurement Inspection Reports

• In-House Quality Assurance And Control, NDT included DPT 30%, MPT 10%

• Weld Test reports.

• Paint Inspection Reports


5.1) Hot Dip Galvanized Anchor Bolts with Templates.

5.2) Hot Dip Galvanized Fasteners.

5.3) Fabricated Columns with Crane Brackets

5.4) Fabricated Rafters.

5.5) Fabricated Mezzanine Beams/Columns/Joists.

5.6) Crane Runway Beams.

5.7) Steel stairs cases with handrails.

5.8) Handrails along with Mezzanine Floor 112.0 M Long.

5.9)  Sliding doors L = 5.0 M x W = 5.0 M with Single skin sheeting and with sliding system.

5.10) Roof & wall Z-Purlins with GI material mill finished.

5.11) Decking Steel 0.7 mm thk. with Hilti Nails.

5.12) Flashing & Trims with GI material.

5.13) Single skin Sky Light 1 mm white translucent 5% of the Roof Area.

5.14) Sandwich Panels with self-drilling Stainless Screws & Accessories.

5.15) Water Gutters with Downspouts.

5.16) Roof & Wall Sandwich Panels with Profile, as per client’s approved specifications.