General Trading & Distribution Division

This division of DANA  comprises of  a group of well experienced international traders who have for many years work in international trade and have gone through all cycles of trading. DANA has experience in Sourcing, Shipping and Banking.

Foodstuff Division

Over the years the company specialized in the export of Canned Seafood,Frozen Chicken/Meat & Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Canned Vegetables, Rice,Sugar,Soyameal and General Food products. Its export expanded all over the world resulting in long term business relationships with various customers.

We offer dairy products – in bulk packaging for industrial use and in consumer packaging.These products are produced in hygienic and modern plants with fresh milk. DANA also specializes in supplying high quality of sunflower oil in crude type and refined bottled. Products to customers and refineries in Middle East, Africa, Asia and other destinations.

Bulk Commodities Division

DANA has very strong established connections worldwide and through its many suppliers is able to offer its clients large quantities at very competitive prices for the following valuable commodities, including but not limited to:-

• Urea 46% N Prilled & Granular supplied in Bulk and/or Bulk in 1 ton or 1.5 ton Bulker bags and/or packaged in 50kg Bags.

• Fertilizers NPK Blends

• Portland Cement 42.5, 52.5, 32.5 and other cement products, including Clinker and Sulphur resistant Cement Type II & Type V.

• Rice, Soy, Yellow Corn and other grains

• Sugar White Refined and Raw Sugar in Bulk or packaged

• Scrap Steel; HMS 1&2, HMS1 and USED RAIL

We have trade links with the importers, exporters, distributors, traders and wholesalers all around the world and it is most likely that we can supply any product or commodity provided it is a substantial and ongoing business.

We are trading our products to West Indies in the Caribbean, to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname in South America,he US and Canada in the West. UK, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Portugal, Austria, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazhakhstan,Russia, Turkey, Spain, Greece in Europe. , Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, UAE in the Middle East.  Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Somalia, Zaire, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tanzania, Burundi, South Africa up to Guinea in Africa. Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in the Far East and South East Asia.