Q: Can I install my self? What is the refrigerant? Must it be replenished?

A: Yes, anyone can install the pool cooler themselves. In the bottom basis in the box is the installation ,operation manual with diagram and parts list. You can go to a local hardware store and get the proper installation parts. There is no refrigeration, no freon or gas to operate. Electric fan does the work. This unit hooks up with the pool pump breaker. The home breaker powering the pool pump and pool cooler must be 20 Amps or above.

Q: Does the Glacier pool cooler have a thermostat? If not how do you regulate temperature?

A: The GPC does not come with a temperature control. In most cases an owner will run their cooler at night along with their pool’s cycle. An owner may find that running the pool a longer or shorter amount of time will give them their optimal temperature.

Q: Is this an evaporative cooler – or does it just cool water by running at night with lower temperatures? How does it work?

A: Yes, this system is based on evaporative cooling. The manufacture has modified the technology to accomodate the swimming pool industry. The pool water is circulated through the system while a fan cools the droplets and removes the heat from the water instantly. The water is then pumped back into the pool lines and circulated back into the pool.

Q: Our summer temperatures average 98-103. Our pool is extremely warm. How much of a drop in water temperature can we expect? Does the unit have to run continually to be effective and finally, what type of operating costs can be attributed to this unit?

A: The pool cooler will drop the pool 10 to 15 degrees. The operating costs are around a dollar a night on running the cooler 10 hours. It does not have to run continually, just run it at night when the sun is off the pool and it will perform and drop this pool down and be refreshing.

Q: Can this cooling system be used with a salt water pool?

A: All of the chillers we carry are salt water compatible. After a couple of weeks of usage, spray down the pool cooler with a garden hose to wash off salt residue if any.

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